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The Anatomy for Movement methodology is characterized by the sensory awareness of the information that passes through the body in movement. The exercises that we practice are didactic, the fact of feeling the anatomy 'from the inside' can reinforce and contribute a unique quality to the knowledge of the anatomy observed in a visual way. Our courses are always 50% practical and 50% multi-sensorial, based on original exercises created by Blandine Calais-Germain and her team. Our Montessori-inspired methodology is structured through an apprenticeship that associates very different languages ​​and cognitive registers such as illustration, coloring, molding, work in pairs and groups.

One of the fundamental riches of Anatomy of Movement is its transdisciplinarity; the courses are open to all levels of practitioners, of any discipline that includes the movement of the body in its fundamental characteristics. This has allowed to build a heritage of ideas based on 40 years of exchange, evaluations and advice from Physiotherapists, Doulas, fitness monitors, Pilates and Yoga teachers, Feldenkrais practitioners, singers, dancers, actors , musicians ... Some come to learn and deepen their knowledge of anatomy, others to assimilate the original exercises created by the AoM team, and offer them as an alternative to their patients or students. Some of the team's teachers are currently developing research in collaboration with Universities and other institutions to provide the scientific and academic support to the clinical results observed for many years.

Since the creation of the school, Blandine Calais-Germain has focused on developing the best pedagogy and the most effective language to integrate the unique qualities of movement practice to the knowledge of anatomy. Blandine began by practicing the movement that comes from the tradition of dance, but very soon other people joined her and inspired her to expand the research to other movement techniques. The methodology of Anatomy for the Movement has grown a lot thanks to the contribution of all the people who have participated in the courses, the teachers who hold classes of the method, and the research of our teacher trainers who each year deepen their research of specialized topics in complementary fields of knowledge. This allows the contents of our school courses to evolve and remain always fresh, original, effective, in order to respond to the specific demand of an audience that changes from generation to generation.

Our Faculty




Creator of the School

- Director of Pedagogy

Since 1980 Blandine, researches and develops unique approaches and original techniques to advance the knowledge of human anatomy in motion with an innovative language and practical exercises. Her work is cited extensively in books and conferences around the world, and her publications have been translated to 20 languages, with her most acclaimed book selling over 1 million copies.

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Wellco Cycle - Pilates Cycle - Perineum and Movement®


Brisa is a physiotherapist specialised in pelvic floor techniques, and a  teacher of the Rio Abierto methodology . She is also teacher trainer for AoM. Brisa is a massage therapist that works with students and patients to develop personalised strategies that help integrate new movement patterns in everyday life. 




SINOVI® - Gest Conscient®

Perineum & Movement®

Since many years Angels helps students and patients to reconnect to their authentic movement, which comes from the story inside of each individual body. She is an expert in working with senior students (50+ year old) and she is a teacher trainer for the SINOVI method focused on the health of joints.



Pilates Cycle

Fascia in Movement

Hervé is a dancer, a teacher trainer for the Rolfing Movement method, and a Pilates Teacher Trainer. He works constantly with patients and students who look for deep transformation in their bodies for professional and personal reasons. He has a long-standing experience with myofascial chains and had a key role in creating the Fascia in Movement curriculum.

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Teacher & International Programs Coordinator 

Andrea connects the exercises and language of the original methodology to new trajectories for artistic creation, personal development and embodied knowledge through anatomy.

As programs coordinator and teacher  he manages high-level operations as well as content strategy of courses and training curricula, adapting the vast repertoire of Anatomy of Movement to the unique needs of each group of participants.

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Wellco Cycle - Pilates Cycle

- Wellco Yoga Anatomy®

Helene is a dancer and choreographer that has been teaching anatomy in the senior AoM team for many years. She plays a key role in the creation of the Wellco Yoga Anatomy training program and is an expert in creating imaginative curricula for thematic workshops.




Wellco Cycle

- No-Risk Abs®

Ibai created the 'School for the Back' in Basque Country, then became a teacher trainer for the No-Risk ABS technique of the AoM school. He is also an expert of Fascia and actively researches the best strategies to integrate the knowledge of the AoM methodology with fitness and wellness routines.




Wellco Yoga Anatomy®

- International Partnerships

Sanya is responsible for bringing the extensive teachings of Anatomy of Movement into the yoga space through global partnerships, allowing practitioners to embrace an approach that is sustainable, informed and precise. She blends her background in yoga, business and anatomy to bring the vast teachings of the method to groups and collaborators across different countries.

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